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Movie Information This clip from Hot Load by Ransom Video features Joey Russo and Dan Fisk in a hot little anal scene, working that huge hard dick slowly into that tight little hole, making this horny fucker take it all the way to the hilt.
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Hot Load

Released By: Ransom Video
Starring: Dan Fisk Joey Russo

Scene one opens with some REAL passionate kissing (the kind you cant fake) and two handsome men. These two DEFINITELY have great chemistry together. Dan wastes no time getting Joeys pants down and without hesitation dives mouth first into Joeys pert ass and beautiful hole then gives it the attention it deserves. After Joeys ass receives a proper tongue bath, Dan takes his time teasing Joeys saliva laden slippery Ass with his big hard cock until Joeys hole is practically crying out in anticipation to be pounded into next week.

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